This is an automatic translation of the terms and conditions in Spanish.

Terms and Conditions



All the minerals that are exhibited in our shop are unique examples, we will never send a copy other than the one pictured without the explicit authorization of the client.

Photographs.- We strive to provide realistic and descriptive photos, showing both the most notable and the possible breakages that affect the mineral, we use different lighting modes. It is important to clarify that between two computers there can be significant differences in the representation of colors, this is due to the color calibration of each system. The client must also take into account that in many occasions the mineral visualization in the monitor can be larger than the size of the monitor and show details (both positive and negative) that are not perceptible with the mineral in hand.


Unpaid orders are understood as reservations for a period of 15 days after which, and after giving notice to the customer, we will proceed to eliminate it.

Modification of orders. Only for orders by transfer and reservations. The customer can add, remove and change minerals, you can also change payment and shipping methods. For this you must request it to

Returns.- Minerals of Collection s.l. assumes the current legislation regarding the right to exercise the return of those products that do not satisfy in any way the expectations of the client who in no case will be asked for any explanation of the reason for its return. The return must be communicated within 10 days of receiving the order to and sent to our warehouse within 15 days from the same date.
The return shipping costs will be paid by the customer.

The address of our warehouse for this reason is:

Minerales de Colección s.l.
Avda. Costa del Sol 26 bajo
18090 Almuñécar, Granada, España.